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23rd January 2015

1PAs most of you will know by now after all the debates in 2014 Repsol have abandoned the search for oil. The thousands spent on the exploration revealed nothing. Environmentalists are celebrating after months of demonstrations.

The Sun has finally returned to the island. Just in time for the Antigua carnival which starts on 5th February. Normality resumes, following the worst couple of winter months for a decade. 2015 promises to be a bumper year for tourists with many new flights coming to the island.

Enjoy the coming week, the forecast is promising, and don’t forget to get your tickets for the pantomime in Caleta




Local News

  • Dolphins washed ashore.

    Two dolphins have been found dead in the last hours on the coast of Fuerteventura, bringing to six the cetaceans found stranded on the island in the past two months. Read More

  • Flu cases rise.

    With several weeks still to go before the 'flu season' ends, the number of cases reported is already higher than for last year and health centres and hospital Emergency Departments are being stretched to the limit as staff try and deal with the influx of patients. Read More

  • Bone Marrow Donors Needed

    On October 15, a day after his fifth birthday, Nathanael Mayor Chaucas was diagnosed with myeloblastic leukaemia, which is one of the most aggressive forms of leukaemia. Nathanael, who is recovering from his third round of chemotherapy in the Maternity Hospital, requires a bone marrow transplant. Read More

  • Fire on Fred Olsen cruise ship.

    The Boudicca, owned by Fred Olsen Cruises, is due into Lanzarote today ( 26-01-2015) with 784 passengers and 386 crew on board. The fire broke out at around 4am yesterday morning off the coast of Casablanca and caused damage to the two main engines and electrical cables. Read More

  • A pantomime called Buttonsand Cinders the Golden Child

    Tickets are now on sale at Miles Away Card Shop in Caleta, Carol Lewis on 651339678 or Anne on 654230438 for a pantomime called Buttons and Cinders “The Golden Child”

    Read More
  • Oil drilling cancelled.

    Energy giant Repsol abandoned its controversial search for oil and gas off Spain’s Canary Islands​, delighting locals and environmentalists but dashing Madrid’s hopes that the project would ease its energy dependency. Read More

  • Flue Epidemic?

    Health Service officials are already speaking of 'epidemic levels' being reached in some parts during the past week, with children aged between 0 and 4 particularly affected. Read More

  • Carnival dates


    Feb 5th-14th Antigua and Caleta de Fuste. Theme   Films

    Feb 7th float procession in Antigua  

    Feb.14th float procession Caleta de Fuste

    Feb. 6th – 22nd Puerto del Rosario. Theme Science fiction

    March 13-22nd  Corralejo. Theme Arabian Nights

    Read More
  • APD Tax Scrapped

    In Britain air passenger duty APD will be scrapped for children under 12 years old. From May 2015. This will ensure cheaper flights for families holidaying abroad.

    Read More
  • Saint Canuto's Day

    canabisPeople on the Spanish Canary island of Fuerteventura lit up over the weekend to celebrate Saint Canuto's day; the patron saint of Denmark who also lends his name to the Spanish word for joint.

    Read More

  • Oil drilling unsuccessful

    The explorations, which were authorised by the Spanish government despite massive opposition in the Canaries, where the authorities have filed a string of legal challenges to block the work, have now been halted and the drilling ship used since 18 November is to be redeployed off the coast of Africa.

    Read More
  • Airline fuel costs.

    The price of oil is at its lowest for six years. "It is about time that the public shared in the lower cost of fuel but that is not happening yet" complained the minister of transport, who said the same pressure would be put on ferry companies also. Read More

  • Proposed changes to the winter fuel payments

    The MailOnline recently published details of a possible change in UK regulations that is likely to send shivers up the spine of many expats. According to the report, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has condemned the “absurd” payments and vowed to change the rules which have apparently cost the UK taxpayer £130 million during the last decade. Read More

  • Reprieve for Dogs home.

    La Oliva has come out in support of Fundación Canaria protective dog Finca Esquinzo, which could soon be forced to cease their activities in defense of animals after Environment of the Canary Government has demanded the removal of the fence providing protection to the shelter, along with a pergola and mud huts of dogs. Read More

  • Ex King faces paternity suit.

    15.01.2015 - The suit is one of two filed by people alleging that Juan Carlos, who was a well-known womaniser in his day, had affairs with their mothers as a Prince. Read More

  • Advertising in Germany.

    Most dive companies have joined Fuerteventura first to go next to the Tourist Board Fair 2015, the international market leader in water activities, which will run from 17 to 25 January in the German city Dusseldorf. Read More

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