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1st July 2016

1 Penny

Hello and welcome omce again to Fuertenews 

The Mexican rock band “Molotov” lead the 13th El Cotillo music festival held tonight 1st and Sat 2nd. Thousands are expected to attend what we like to think of as a mini Glastonbury - just minus the mud!

The music will continue throughout the night so beware you light sleepers. There will be plenty of people dancing (and sleeping afterwards) on La Concha beach.  Its lots of fun and excitment, but remember the Police are out in full force if you are travelling from El Cotillo take care.

 My annual Canary island tour is on the books for me next week courtesy of Armas ferries. Highly recommended and good to visit some of our neighbouring islands.

Have a great weekend and week ahead.

Penny x


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Local News

  • Tragic Accident in Puerto del Rosario,

    A man aged 50 and a boy of 16 were killed in a frontal collision of two vehicles occurred in the early hours of the morning of Sunday.

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  • Local Arrests

    The Civil Guard Main Post Morro Jable (Fuerteventura)have arrested a man and a woman: local residents aged 31 and 40, suspected of 17 offences involving cars and resorts in the south of the island.

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  • Spanish Election Results

    All the votes have now been counted and as former acting Spanish President Mariano Rajoy's party have come out as clear winners.

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  • Britain's Out of the EU

    After a record turnout of voters, Britain has voted to leave the EU in an historic moment that will affect the EU accross all its states.

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  • Petition For 2nd Referendum

    Petition calling for a second EU referendum crashes because it’s so popular, an online petition calling for a second EU referendum gained more than 80,000 signatures within hours of being set up.

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  • Rights of British expats in Spain protected for at least two years

    British expats in Spain will retain their rights for at least two years while Britain negotiates its post-Brexit relations with other European nations, Spain's acting prime minister has said.

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