Bus Stop Dave

davidayersSo many people these days seem to be frustrated and dissatisfied with what appears to be a nice lifestyle. Nothing seems to make them happy. They change their car, they extend their house, they go on a flashy holiday or they eat out at a posh restaurant where they can’t understand any of the items on the menu. None of it seems to work. How can this be?

It’s probably because we expect to live an unrealistic lifestyle – good food, luxury holidays, one car per person and an endless stream of material trivia. All these things only came with a win on the football pools a few decades ago. They are not part of an average lifestyle, so people will inevitably feel let down.

This is the age of the ‘rights’ culture. We deserve to have whatever we see and whatever prevents that is unjust or discriminatory. We are very sensitive to any inequality that works against us. Faced with a plethora of choice, we believe we deserve the lot.

We will avoid anything that smacks of hard work. Why go to the trouble of preparing a meal when you can buy one that only needs heating up? Why have a lawn when you can have AstroTurf and beige gravel? Why wash your car when you can leave it at the supermarket for someone else to wash whilst you go inside to do your shopping?

The sad thing is that what we get gives us only brief satisfaction, before we start slavering over what we want next. How then can we survive? If we detach ourselves from it all like Sartre, then we’re not really living life, we’re avoiding it. So the solution seems to be, as it always seems to be, to retain a sense of proportion and a sense of real values. Previous generations were happy to have enough to eat, clothes to put on their back and somewhere safe to sleep. The luxury of dissatisfaction was unknown.

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