Bus Stop Dave

davidayersBuilding a million more homes in crowded little England by 2020 seems about the daftest thing anyone could think of. Where on earth will their electricity come from? In recent years, almost as soon as winter had begun, the National Grid was calling for more energy. That’s because we have a shortage of energy generation and an increasing risk of blackouts. The Grid has taken emergency powers to keep our lights on in winter. It will pay good money to major consumers to get them to switch off. This is a last resort.


In any case, large house building programmes tend to cripple the economy as we’ve seen in Ireland and Spain. So why on earth build even more homes on this green and pleasant land? The demand is blamed on all the usual culprits – more single people, broken marriages and older people having the nerve to live longer. Then there is that villain who seems to be to blame for everything – climate change! Buried underneath all that is the real reason, the scandal of a population out of control.

The UK is shutting down one coal-burning power station after another. Yes, they are dirty but they’re cheap, although, incredibly, we even import our coal nowadays and this in spite of the fact that Europe has massive coal reserves extending right under the North Sea. The fly in the ointment is that the EU has set a deadline in 2023 for compliance with new rules on air quality. So by then coal will be about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

I realise there is wind power and that wind is free but wind turbines are less efficient than all other energy sources. Wave power would be good if we had the total income of all the Arab Emirates to invest in its development, although we probably spend that much on our Social Services anyway! Remember also that the world’s oil will begin to run out in ten years’ time as will natural gas, although nuclear plants will limp on a bit longer until we’re too scared to use them.

So the people in these new homes will have to light their candles and enjoy a cuppa over their primus stove.

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