Bus Stop Dave

davidayersNothing could be nicer than a small house party with a group of old friends, a few drinks, a few nibbles. Picture then the stupid host who, in a misguided sense of generosity, leaves his front door open to allow anyone from the street to come inside and join his party. In no time at all the drinks and the nibbles have been scoffed, the house is trashed, the valuables stolen and a small fire has broken out in an upstairs bedroom.

It would be futile to try to find out where the gate-crashers live and to ask them to give back the stolen belongings. A good host would have made sure his house was as secure as possible in the first place. The generosity he tried to display was naïve and idealistic. The host’s first duty is to his own.


In similar vein, sending ground troops and typhoon jets to attack the ‘Islamic State’ in Syria and Iraq is all very well, except that the enemy is already within, it’s with us in the UK, purporting to be British whilst plotting to destroy everything the host nation holds dear. These ‘British’ people have plotted the Paris attacks, the takeover of some of our schools, beheaded an off-duty soldier in a busy street and sown the seeds of unease in our crowded public places.

My issue is not with Islam. I studied Arabic for three years at university and I can speak, read and write it. I have also studied the Quran and have a copy on my bookshelf. No, my issue is with the squeamish British that I grew up with. They look over their shoulder in fear of accusations of racism and bigotry, rather than bravely confronting the menace. They are paralysed by their own political correctness. They still imagine they are playing cricket on the village green, whereas this will be a bare knuckle fight, basically about which culture survives and which fades away to have little more significance than a third rate theme park.

If there is rubbish in your house, you throw it outside and get rid of it, otherwise the kitchen will stink.

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