Bus Stop Dave

Yes, it has been wet and chilly by Fuerteventura standards since the start of the New Year. But be comforted by the fact that, according to the World Health Organisation, this climate is nevertheless one of the healthiest on the planet.

So, feel more upbeat about things, as the value of your property plunges, your pound buys diddly squat and your savings earn a fraction of the interest they should.

Gordon Brown became worryingly huffy recently when asked,

“Do you think you will ultimately bankrupt the country?”

Again be comforted, for if he does bankrupt us, consider all the overseas aid you’ll receive from those countries to which we’ve so generously given for years. Aircraft bulging with all sorts of goodies will land at Heathrow. We won’t even need the National Health Service – we’ll have Médecins sans Frontières! We’ve given billions out so we’ll get billions back – won’t we!

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