Bus Stop Dave

What’s it all about?

davidayersDuring our working lives we don’t have the time nor the inclination to ponder the meaning of our existence on this earth. We get up, we go to work, we have a busy day, we come home, we watch some telly and go to bed. It’s only when our working life comes to an end and we are faced with retirement that serious thought has to be given to what we really want out of the years that the Good Lord may allow us.

Follow my Leader

davidayersI never fully recovered as a young man from the idea that beauty contests had become non-pc, that it was no longer appropriate to judge women on beauty alone. As a result of that, you will appreciate my confusion at the present time in the run-up to the election of a new leader for the Labour Party. The leaders of political parties in the West tend to be chameleons, changing themselves to fit in with each changing situation. It’s not a question of principles but of being electable, although you would think Ed Miliband wouldn’t be a hard act to follow.

Because we’re worth it

davidayersIn the midst of his budget speech on Wednesday the Chancellor, George Osborne, said something quite momentous yet which passed almost unnoticed. It was a comment which represents a sea change in public thinking in the UK. He said that we have to make welfare a safety net for the needy once again and not ‘a lifestyle choice’. Some of our TV channels have dwelt at length in the last couple of years on the lives of people who have chosen not to work but rather to reproduce and buy lots of consumer goods. This has raised a new awareness among the hard-working general public who are beginning to wonder just where all their taxes are being spent.

Kerb your Fear

davidayersImagine my disappointment at discovering recently that I wasn’t featured in the Honours List. Why should I be honoured, I hear voices asking. Because I undertake two very dangerous activities every day of my life in the UK. One is to walk along the pavement and the other to cross the road. Both are lethal. Not so long ago you would rush to the pavement for safety, to find sanctuary from the busy road. Once you reached the kerbside, you were safe from being run over. Now, unfortunately, the same is not true. The pavement is just as dangerous as a busy road.

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