Bus Stop Dave

No Country for Grumpy Old Men

davidayersAs the Rock Generation rolls into old age, it becomes those very people it used to ridicule. Known as ‘old folk’, they would bemoan the passing of the Good Old Days. Now we former hippies, Mods and Rockers do the very same thing. And it seems with good reason in many ways.


A Grimm Fairy Tale

davidayersI’ve always loved grisly fairy tales, the sort that frighten you when you’re a child. Here’s an example: a little group of countries called the United Kingdom decides to leave the European Union and as a result their trade collapses and they become a poverty stricken outpost on the northwest fringes of the continent of Europe.

My Friend Jack

davidayersYou can have too much of a good thing and, although it’s almost unbelievable, that includes cakes and chocolate. “All things in moderation”, my form teacher used to say and I thought to myself how dull and boring! But life experience teaches us that this is a good maxim to regulate our enjoyment, not just of alcohol and other indulgencies but of all the other good things in life, at least, they appear good at first glance.

The Z Factor

davidayersThe current generation of teenagers is completely different from what has gone before. This is the ‘millennium generation’, born on or after the year 2000. For example, even as an adult I was shocked by the movies The Exorcist and Silence of The Lambs but many of these youngsters find both movies old-fashioned and tame. Hannibal Lecter they call ‘a gay’ and ‘a boring pussy’.


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