Bus Stop Dave

Money like Water

Last Tuesday a man from the water company pulled up outside our house, climbed out and turned our water off – no argument, no final warning, no water. It turned out to be a non-payment dating back to previous tenants. The water is only restored when you’ve paid up to date plus over twelve euros to reconnect. Of course, this may seem outrageous to Brits, so used to their Human Rights but it does galvanise you into action.


Swan Song

 Why do youths attack and maim swans? Why do they stab and shoot each other? Why do they drink themselves into oblivion? You don't have to be too old to recall a time when none of this happened.
So what has changed in the last two or three decades? Modern society is actually much more prescriptive than it used to be. We're advised not to eat too much sugar, salt, egg or red meat.

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