Bus Stop Dave

It’s a Jungle out there

davidayersBy now you must have noticed the new obsession of many of the TV channels. It’s even overtaken the plethora of awful talent shows that showcase mediocrity and a total lack of singing ability. This new flavour of the month is the ‘survival programme’. We’ve had 10000 BC in which a motley crew tried to last out several weeks in a Bulgarian game reserve.


davidayersWhen I was at school I knew I was in England, because everyone around me spoke English. Years later when I started my teaching career, it was rare to have a child in the class who spoke no English, in fact there weren’t any.



davidayersPerhaps I’m unusual in that I neither like nor dislike Jeremy Clarkson. He arouses no strong feelings in me. What does strike me however is the fact that, because he refuses to toe the politically correct line, he’s called a ‘dinosaur’. How flattering! Whereas Man has lived on this planet for about 7 million years, the dinosaurs reigned for about 165 million years. Which would you rather lend money to?


Tails we lose

davidayersHow I laugh at myself now when I remember the years I lived in Fuerteventura and struggled with my conscience over whether to accept my winter heating allowance or not.

“It’s not a benefit,” people explained to me, “it’s from National Insurance and it’s money you paid during your working years. A benefit is given to you for doing nothing, it’s a gift.”


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