Bus Stop Dave

First Aid

davidayersThink of war veteran Robbie Clark who is ninety-six years of age. He has spent over fifty thousand pounds of his own life savings to pay for twenty-four hour care at home in North London. He has just enough money left to pay for a further three months. Brent Council need to make big savings in their budget and so they want Robbie in a residential care home, because it’s cheaper. Robbie’s family are ready to take out a mortgage if necessary to keep him at home.

Forgive us our Debts

davidayersCredit cards maxed out? Too many loans? Why should you worry? All you need to do is follow the example of Greece. Greece is in massive debt, almost double its own worth but what is it doing about it? It’s complaining that it can’t afford to pay its creditors, so it will offer to pay a proportion of what it owes. It wants the rest of it to be written off. Perhaps we should tell the credit card companies and loan companies the same thing, “It’s not convenient to pay you any more, so I’ll pay you half of it and you can whistle for the rest”.


Have a Break

davidayersI wonder whether you remember the early days of commercial television. It was known as ITV and arrived in the mid Fifties. The commercial break was two minutes long and there were on average three advertisements. As we approach the second major consumer binge which we call Easter and which only has some loose religious significance nowadays, I can’t help noticing that the commercial breaks on the many hundreds of modern channels are up to five minutes long.

Vox Populi

davidayersAmong the daftest things I heard over the Christmas period was the idea that a woman’s voice can be crucial in her promotion prospects. How patronising is that? In the bad old days it used to be a woman’s looks or her figure that assisted her rise up the career ladder. But we are so much wiser these days.


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