Bus Stop Dave

It really is Rocket Science

davidayersI stayed up all night on July 20th 1969 to watch Apollo 11 land two human beings on the moon, a quarter of a million miles away. I had to go to work the following morning but I didn’t care. I found the whole moon mission overwhelming. Just think, there’s more computer power in your mobile phone or tablet than there was on board Apollo 11.


The Ants’ Nest

davidayersA Catholic priest said to me a few good years ago, “Dave, you are far too negative about the way my God works. You think He’s cruel and vicious whereas you should allow for the bigger plan, the broader picture.” I listened to him and tried hard to understand and not to be cynical. He went on, “When you see a man trampling across an ants’ nest, you could see it as an act of mass murder, thousands of dead ants. But in the bigger picture the man is carrying two buckets of water and is running to put out a fire and save the lives of a family.” 



A Counterfeit Brand

davidayersThe UK is a liberal democracy like other Western European countries. Like it or not, it is the majority, the mass of the people, that make the decisions and they do that through their elected leaders. So, the only way to play an active role in your country’s affairs is to use your vote, to vote for the party whose ideas most closely resemble your own.


Come Sty with Me

davidayersPicture if you will a straggling queue of disgruntled people, staggering forward step by step, their eyes dead, their expressions set in stone like people destined to be hanged or shot. They have burdens they can barely carry or drag and their clothes are mottled with patches of sweat. Saddest of all is the fact that these victims have paid good money for this experience and have gone to a lot of trouble to live through it, with outrageous conditions attached and considerable forward planning required. Who on earth are these people? They are that maligned species the airline passenger.


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