Bus Stop Dave

England and Saint George

davidayersBy the time you read this the referendum on Scottish independence will have been held and you will know the result. I don’t at the time of writing and I won’t even hazard a guess. That’s because for me the most striking thing to have arisen from all this independence malarkey is the question of nationalism and of the importance of a nation, its identity, its sense of self.



The Decline of the Individual

davidayersQuite recently the school examination results came out, first the A Levels then the GCSE’s. What struck me most wasn’t so much the results themselves but the amount of group hugging, kissing and embracing that went on among the students. This show of affection, if that’s what it is, is all very nice but there’s a kind of falseness, even a kind of desperation about it.


Where does Charity begin?

davidayersSixty miles from Fuerteventura lies the coast of West Africa and further south along that coast lie Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Liberia and Guinea – all affected by the deadly Ebola virus. But plenty has been written already about Ebola. What strikes me is the state of those four potentially wealthy countries. The emphasis seems to be what the West is doing to respond to the emergency and, however unfashionable and politically incorrect it may be, it is the West that could easily hold out the begging bowl to West Africa.


Never the Twain

davidayersI’d like to talk to you about men. We’re a peculiar species in that we often appear big and tough, sometimes we throw our weight around and sometimes we like to hear the sound of our own voice as loud as possible. And yet all is definitely not as it seems.



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