Bus Stop Dave

It’s electrifying!

davidayersBuilding a million more homes in crowded little England by 2020 seems about the daftest thing anyone could think of. Where on earth will their electricity come from? In recent years, almost as soon as winter had begun, the National Grid was calling for more energy. That’s because we have a shortage of energy generation and an increasing risk of blackouts. The Grid has taken emergency powers to keep our lights on in winter. It will pay good money to major consumers to get them to switch off. This is a last resort.

Book early

davidayersHere’s a little story. A boy goes into a sweet shop and says to the shopkeeper, “A bag of dolly mixture please.” The shopkeeper replies, “Ten pence please, young man.” A week later the boy returns to the shop. “A bag of dolly mixture please.” “Twenty five pence please, young man.” “But that’s more than double last week’s price.” “Holiday season, son, holiday season.”

The Truth is out there

davidayersIt comes to something when a nipper of fifteen years of age can hack into a huge company like TalkTalk and gawp at the personal details of the subscribers, all four million of them! This has made us look again at the implications of the technological dream.

The Luxury of Dissatisfaction

davidayersSo many people these days seem to be frustrated and dissatisfied with what appears to be a nice lifestyle. Nothing seems to make them happy. They change their car, they extend their house, they go on a flashy holiday or they eat out at a posh restaurant where they can’t understand any of the items on the menu. None of it seems to work. How can this be?

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