Bus Stop Dave

A Question of Priorities

davidayersA fascinating law has just been passed in the UK. If I asked you to guess what that law was about and offered you a million euros if you got it right I feel fairly confident that no money would change hands.

Look at the priorities –

The Trojan Horse

davidayersAlthough I lived for several years in Fuerteventura, I always considered myself a loyal British subject, even today when my country appears bent on self-destruction. Picture this if you will: a teenaged boy or girl here in the UK asks to have a birthday party at home. The parents say, “Of course you can have a party here. Invite anybody you like and remember to leave the front door open so that anybody who fancies it can come in.” If the teenager asks, “What about gate-crashers?” Mum and dad reply, “What’s a gate-crasher?”

No Pain no Gain?

davidayersWhat could possibly give us more satisfaction than knowing that we’re completely disregarding all the bogus health information from the government? It’s not just the fact that it contradicts itself regularly but the fact that it’s usually wrong anyway.

Mars and Venus

davidayersBecause I grew up with a sister and later worked in a profession in which women were equal colleagues, I never bothered with issues of equality. I was puzzled by the whole Women’s Lib movement, the bra burning, the placards and the strident tone of the demonstrators.

These days we have an obsession with equality which can lead to a totally absurd society. As soon as next year there will be women on the frontline in battle. This is a political imperative in line with other examples of lunacy.

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