Grumpy Old Man

My Short Attention Span..


So my daughter told me that I have a short  attention span!

She seems to get  quite frustrated with me at times

I am not really sure why to be honest and to prove it I wrote down everything I did in my day for her to show that she is wrong

.......on reading it back - maybe she isn't!!!!


The time has come, it comes every year about September and I forget how much it winds me up. I have a lovely peaceful summer, my City is empty. I can go out, I can get a table if I want to eat and I can walk through the streets without the worry of tripping over litter, half eaten food or even used condoms – Seriously Yes! The arrival of this year’s Fresher’s has happened once again.


Where are your Glasses?

grumpyMy ever interfering daughter e-mailed me again, asking why I didn't do something useful with my time!!!

"Like sitting around the pool and drinking wine is not a good thing?" I asked.She is always interfering with my peaceful life so I decided to play a little prank!


Mobile Phones

There I was on New Year’s Eve, trying to relax - Now I don’t really ‘do’ New Years, I think a celebration of turning a page on a calendar is pointless and just an excuse to over pack pubs, clubs and places to eat – giving them an excuse to charge you far too much for drinks and even a ticket to get in, seriously my local was charging £10 a ticket just to get in! The place I go of an evening for a light and bitter and a moan about the youths on the corner want me to pay £10 just to go inside – outrageous! Anyway I digres; this year there I was, Mrs Grumpy had gone off to bed with her back for a lay down and I was left early evening having a sly whisky before joining her. I was disturbed by “Beep beep” my mobile phone had a text.


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