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Island Walks From John

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Penny wrote recently about walking round the island. I have just completed the Fuerteventura leg of the GR131 – the long distance footpath through the Canaries




What is Calima (and can you get cream for it!)



Expats in Spain and the Canary Islands will often hear the words “Oh, it’s just a calima” trotted out whenever it is a little cloudy or there is annoying dust in the air.  In reality, it is not quite as simple as that, and the true calima is something to be celebrated, as well as to curse, particularly if you suffer from breathing conditions and respiratory allergies.



Ryanair Strike The Info

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Around 100 Ryanair pilots from the airline’s Dublin base have announced a strike for Thursday July 12, to last for 24 hours, and cabin crew from elsewhere around Europe are threatening to do the same.

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Walking In Fuerteventura.



 Walking is growing in popularity throughout the island, and a series of marked paths are now being planned, which will enable walkers to trek from one end of the island to other - a week long walk of more than 155 kms (100 miles)





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