windy day

An island of surprises - this week gave us a storm

What a mixed bag of weather in the past week!!! As often happens here the weather front changes so suddenly. We have had some glorious sunny weather following a violent storm and back to amazing sunsets.




Thanks for photos sent in from the storm. Early in the day the surfers could be seen making the most of the waves as they started to build




However as the day progressed the waves got more and more spectacular especially in the North of the island - we really wouldn't have wanted to be on the Fred Olsen! Look at this photo sent in by Liz (makes me feel sea sick just looking!)

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The wind that blew on Sunday in the Canaries did not reach the levels of tropical storm Delta, but in Gran Canaria the maximum recorded ratios exceeded that of November 28, 2005, however it did pick up lots of rocks from the sea front and left the coast roads "battered"

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 As the day blew by some of our precious land marks were left a little worse for wear!!!

tefia windmill

 And at the end of the day when all the storms had blown away we were left once again with a beautiful Sunset over the sea.

 As I say so often, life is never boring here in Fuerteventura!!

sunset in fuerteventura by designed photos d488jw8


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