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If a few weeks ago the orcas and some marine ' chuchos ' were the protagonists, now it is a group of sharks. In addition to its climate, the Canary Islands is known worldwide for its richness and diversity on the seabed.

This motivates thousands of people from all over the world to travel to the Islands, not only to enjoy the beach of Cofete, Tindaya Mountain or the Dunes of Corralejo,  but to explore and explore its seabed.




That was the case of sportsman and photographer Christian Taucher, who moved to the Maxorata and took advantage of his stay to enjoy the relaxing waters of majoreras. The Austrian posted a Youtube video that immortalizes a fact that happened to him in the beach of Waikiki on the Island.


Christian Said "after a nice supsurf session I met some small sharks at the waikiki bay in corralejo.

I am pretty scared about sharks and when I saw the first one I was thinking "dont fall, dont fall, keep on paddling...dont fall now..." but after a few minutes I was feeling comfortable - even on my supersmall 7'6" fanatic pro wave. I was enjoying paddle surfing when, suddenly, I found myself surrounded by several sharks, I was scared, and I thought I should not fall off the board!"

Taucher says when he found out that the animals were Harmless he dared to film them to take the memory of Fuerteventura and the encounter away with him.

A special time and memory from our little island

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