We have many people coming to the island to go birdwatching – we have so many requests for books on birds. We have nesting birds in our bougainvillea at the moment.

There is a map in The Voice each month showing the birds that we have on the island.





One can see people sat overlooking the ocean, having a coffee, a beer or lunch watching the birds swooping and diving.


Two friends from here recently flew to Ecuador to see the birdlife there. 

But why – apart from the chance to see different birds.

If you could see every bird in the world, you´d see the whole world. They are great survivors, very diverse behaviourally, some highly social, some not. But one critical ability we have that they do not and that is to be able to master their own environment.

Birds have been around 150 million years longer than us but we are changing the planet – it´s surface and it´s climate. Therefore their future depends upon our commitment to preserving them.

They do offer us value – many are edible, some eat insects and rodents, they pollinate plants, spread seeds and serve as food for other mammals.

Do we need the absence of birds to tell us when a marsh is severely polluted, a forest slashed and burned or a fishery destroyed?

Birds are in many ways similar to us – they build homes to raise their young (as we have been watching) and take long winter vacations to warmer climes – very similar to some who come to Fuerteventura.

They are the other world dominating animal that evolution produced and their indifference to us should serve as a reminder that we are not the measure of all things.


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