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Professor Steve Molyneux, one of the UK’s leading influencers on the use of technology across the British education system is relocating to the Island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Island to set up the International HQ of his education company Tablet Academy.



A former advisor on the use of Information and Communication Technology in education and training to the UK’s Department of Education and Ministry of Defence for several years, Professor Molyneux also holds the post of Professor of Education Innovation at Lamar University in Texas, is a Microsoft Innovative Educator, has been an Apple Distinguished Educator since 2001 and is a member of the UNESCO Teachers Taskforce for Education 2030. He set up Tablet Academy in 2013 to address the growing needs for quality teacher training in the use of technology in British schools, and now with offices in the UK, Germany, Scotland, South Africa and Turkey, Tablet Academy is collectively Microsoft’s largest Global Education Training Partner world-wide offering training not only in Office365, Minecraft and other Microsoft products but also in Drones, iPads, Chromebooks, and many other technological products and services.

As well as setting up the HQ for Tablet Academy’s International operation on the Island, Professor Molyneux hopes to be able to partner with Fuerteventura Technology Park and the Cabildo to offer training in the use of technology to schools across Fuerteventura and the other Islands as well as offering a range of training opportunities to residents supported by the close relationship Tablet Academy has with Microsoft and other technology providers.

He also hopes to be able to develop a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Educational Centre on the Technology Park co-funded by technology partners and local businesses that will act as a hub for schools to book and have important lessons in Computing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and other STEM related subjects.

Steve is no stranger to the Island as his Sister Elaine has lived on Fuerteventura for over 35 years and is well known by most Travel Reps, Taxi Drivers, Hotel Directors and certainly Airport Employees.


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