Sunnyside Up

1000 Marbles....



"A few weeks ago I turned up the volume on my radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning talk show. He was talking about "a thousand marbles" to someone named Tom. I was intrigued and sat down to listen to what he had to say.

Let me tell you what he said....




Open to Life's Offerings

life path


“Even if we have ourselves so fully convinced that we are on the right track because we desperately want to believe that the specific direction we have chosen is the "correct one", if the universe disagrees with our choices, it will not be shy in telling us so.” 
― Miya Yamanouchi

Let me tell you a story…..



A Fathers Love....

father fly


With Judie still away and her enjoying everything that Italy has to offer we are still missing her wonderful "Notes from a Spirited Island".

I am attempting to fill her boots, and this week I wanted to share a story and my thoughts about Fathers

Please do read on below....



Love Stays........

helping hand


In the noticable absence of the wonderful Rev Judie's "Notes from a Spirited Island" due to her well deserved holiday, I wanted to share with you a story that touched my heart and made me stop and think for a moment about the importance of others

Please do read on below....



A Letter to my younger self.

dear me

As part of some personal development I was doing this week, I was asked to write a letter to my 16-year-old self. I was asked to tell him from the perspective of the same man with 25 years more life experience what he could have done different, what he could have done better, what he excelled at and what he had done that he was proud of.

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