Sunnyside Up

Well here I am again in Sunny Fuerteventura. No Wellingtons, no umbrella and no big coats!

 Whilst roaming though the town soaking up the atmosphere I took time to study the residents and the holidaymakers. (yes I could tell the difference) I guess the coloured “all inclusive” bracelets gave it away!!


Having left the floods in UK and the disillusioned folk, it is a pleasure to be back among the smiles. As I walked along one of the avenues I saw a resident coming out her house with her rubbish, as she walked the few hundred yards to the bin she stopped and picked up every piece of rubbish in her immediate view. Having done that she passed by me with a big smile and a cheery greeting. That just about summed up for me why I, and many others, keep returning to this beautiful island. Yes, there are economic problems here, as with most places, but these folk help each other, welcome tourists and help to remind us of all that is important that we CAN do something about. We can give a smile when walking in the puddles. Give it a try, smile at a stranger, they may wonder whether they still have the remains of their breakfast on their chin but chances are they will smile back, very hard not too, unless they are just an old grumpy!!   (We all know of one of those)

Soon after that experience a family passed me by, banded holidaymakers. The language was far too unsavoury for me to repeat, both from the elders and the very young children. These are the folk that say the Spanish don’t like the English!!

These same folk frequent the restaurants, maybe, litter the streets with cigarette ends and watch their children dropping sweet papers. Don’t they know that children are living messages we send to a future time we will not see?   I did feel that a smile to one of these children in a few years time would result in “what do you think you are looking at mister” only probably not so politely.

Sunny by name and sunny by nature me. Thank you to all the lovely people that live on the island. Keep up the good work, we are not all grumpy and we love your island.

Sunny thoughts to you all.

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