Sunnyside Up

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

I believe life is in the details - the small gestures can mean so much more than one grand display of love. Simple pleasures throughout the day can be far more gratifying that one amazing weekend. When you connect the dots between all these little joys, life seems fuller and more satisfying.

Last week I asked you to send in your tips for staying happy and from your messages, I’ve created a list of all the little things that fill us with joy. Here’s what I’ve got so far – have a think and send me more – lets inspire each other….

1. Breakfast in bed - Janet B sent in this one - You don’t need someone to bring it to you—just make it and then curl back up with your duvet! What better way to start the day!!!!


2. A smile from a stranger; give one and you may get one, it can feel amazing - This was Mike's little tip, always take the time to make others smile


4. Children playing, reminding you to be joyful and to smile, stop in the park on the way home and just watch the joy and laughter, Scott M sent this in - he thinks there is nothing better than watching children play, we know what he means! 


5. Your music, when you want it. Pull out your iPod shut out the world for 5 mins and enjoy your fav song - BBQ Dave brought this to the list, but he is right - a few peaceful moments with Michael Buble is worth its weight in gold we reckon.


6. An outdoor lunch. Nothing invigorates a day like the feeling of sunlight on your face while eating delicious meal - Jojo reckons that this always makes her day feel better no matter what is going on.


7. A small victory. Can you fix that leaky shower on your own? Give it a try, if it works you will feel great - Penny said to us that once she tried to superglue a flower frame to her wall, it may have gone a little wrong but even that made her smile.


8. A snack or beverage you enjoy. You know how that girl in the commercial seems to get way too much pleasure from a foamy latte? That girl could be you - yes thanks to Puree Pete, we would all love to be that girl and enjoy a coffee that much - I am giving this one a try.


9. A beautiful sunset or sunrise. Nothing is more inspirational that tuning into nature’s majesty and we are surrounded by that here on our Island! This ones from me - I love the sunrise and set, a glass of something fizzy, some peace and it is the perfect moment.


10. An extra half-hour of sleep. Head off to bed twice a week a little earlier and see how this changes your day - parents may really appreciate this one from Happy Jay - the though of children letting us lay in for a bit is almost like winning the lottery. 


11. Watching your child learn from watching you. It’s touching how he looks at you for cues on who to be - Mrs Sunny said this to me last night - the feeling of responsibilty for someones whole life and seeing it develope is just ureal.


12. The feeling of sand between your toes. Again we are lucky here on the Island, but if you live near a beach, set aside some time to walk it without shoes – its childlike the memories that come back - Little John sent this in and he is right, on reading this I went straight out and took off the shoes and ran in the sand, I felt 15 again and it made me smile.


13. A small gesture of support. A hand on your lower back. A tight squeeze of your hand before you get up for your speech. Four simple words: “I believe in you.” Minor actions, huge impact - thanks to Jolly Joan - she is right nothing means more than knowing that you are supported. 


The list go's on, keep sending them in

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