Sunnyside Up


I had an idea once. It was a long time ago now, I must have been maybe 14 or 15 or somewhere around that age anyway, so bear in mind that was a long time ago now.

There I was sweeping the kitchen floor, trying to earn a little extra pocket money when it hit me. I noticed that there was a gap between the cooker and the cupboard next to it (I understand now that this is necessary by law), the broom I was using was nothing special, a standard fixed head broom, with the handle coming off at its normal 40 degree (or there about angle). This meant that it was not possible to get the broom down the side of the cooker and successfully sweep that gap, so the normal method was to get down on hands and knees and use a dustpan. “Ah” I said to myself, “If only this broom was flexible at the point where the handle met the head”, “if it had a flexible hinge at this point then you could use the broom sideways on and get it into the smallest of gaps, no matter how narrow”.

Well you can imagine an excitable teenager that thinks he has just solved one of the world’s problems. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

Now, everyone agreed that it was a good idea, we all laughed and said “wouldn’t that be great” and then went back to our daily lives.

Lets rush back to the present day and just a few nights back, there I was sitting enjoying a glass of one of the finest chardonnays that I’ve tasted in a long time, the TV was on in the corner, one of those late night shopping channels that normally sell solutions to problems that you didn’t know you had till they told you about it and then it happened. They showed someone struggling to clean down the side of their cooker with a standard broom and the deep voice announced “”presenting the new FLEXI broom from JML” my attention was grabbed by the telly and I was hooked, they had made my broom, they were selling my broom and in fact, they were selling a huge amount of my broom!

Yes, that’s a lovely story, a little bit sad in my opinion because that could have been me selling those brooms and the worlds sweeping problem could have been solved about 25 years earlier, however this relates to everything we do in our lives. If you just think about all the things you could accomplish, you haven't actually done a thing. So, while it's a good exercise to plan things out in your mind, you just have to actually DO IT as well.

They say that everyone has the ability to write one good novel inside them (well except Dan Brown that is who struggles to reach that first one) and if people just found the drive to write then the world would be full of amazing literature (and sadly Dan Brown).

We all make plans, we all have dreams, hopes and aspirations, but it is taking that first step, doing something about it, that can turn those dreams into reality. We can all often find reason NOT to do something, “it’s too much work”, “no one will like it”, “I don’t think I could do that”, “I’ll do that tomorrow” and even the old favourite “I'm afraid of failing and think I’m going to fail so I’m not going to try” - Not trying ensures failure, winners increase their chances of success by dividing tasks into bite-sized pieces and getting started. We all have reasons not to do something, however doing that – only nothing is achieved.

That's the only way the "field" of your life is going to get "turned over", and you'll reap the rewards of a future harvest.

So get to it! Start doing it, whatever it is, may not work out perfect first time, but at least you'll have started, then you can tweak it if you need to, but at least by that time, it will have begun.

Don't procrastinate another second. Get out there and turn that field!

Sunnyside Up


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