Sunnyside Up

Sunny. (with grumpy undertones)

Well here I am again in Sunny Fuerteventura. No Wellingtons, no umbrella and no big coats!

 Whilst roaming though the town soaking up the atmosphere I took time to study the residents and the holidaymakers. (yes I could tell the difference) I guess the coloured “all inclusive” bracelets gave it away!!


Merry Christmas Everyone

Well it’s that time of year again, it’s Christmas! It conjures up images of festive cheer, goodwill, snow falling and families all having fun being together……..

So why as I walk through my local shopping centre after a bottle or two of wine (feeling quite festive within myself and full of ‘good spirit’) all I see is; couples arguing, families falling out, lines of people all with fed up faces waiting to pay, shopping trolleys piled high with food and worried faces wondering how they are going to pay for all the extravagance. I see one of these things in almost every face that passes me in the shopping centre.


Love Is ...

It is Wednesday morning, and at the point of writing this, I have been alive for 421 months, or if you prefer 1836 weeks or even 12857 days. I did work it out in hours and minutes too, but felt that was taking it to the extreme (308558 Hours or 18513490 minutes if you’re interested).
So yes, now you know my age, I am not the oldest or by far the wisest, but I feel qualified enough (and comfortable enough) to talk about this; Love.

The End is Nigh?

What no end of world!  Well, I’m still here, are you?

After Mr. Harold Camping’s announcements last week of “Blow the Trumpets, warn the people”, “The end is nigh” the world did not end at six pm last Saturday. Just after six pm, I took my hard hat off and unpacked my rucksack of emergency supplies, only to find that I hadn’t even put a tin opener in so how I would tuck into my carefully selected chicken soup or beans I do not know – the best laid plans eh!


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