Sunnyside Up

Everything in it's place

When I moved house a couple of years ago, I brought a brand new lawn mower – a Hover Compact 330 for those of you that know your mowers, a tidy little machine that is not too heavy, doesn’t take up too much space in the shed and most importantly is easy to use.

Sunny's Christmas Message

Firstly I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, I hope that you all have a lovely day and enjoy good food, great wine and the company of someone very special to you.

I think Christmas is what we make of it and personally those are some of the things that “make it” for me, waking up with my lovely partner, sharing a bottle of great bubbly while we open presents from each other.

However; there has been something recently playing on my mind and I wanted to share it with you, not in a draconian “telling you” what to do kind of way, but more in a “these are my thoughts and if the cap fits, wear it with me” way.


A Sunny Christmas

I felt after reading my Grumpy Father’s ramblings the other week that I should sit down and write to you all about my views on Christmas. The same as the rest of you, I have to deal with all the crazy shoppers in the town centres and shopping arcades, trying to find a parking spot only to drive around endlessly for hours to find a spot 3 miles away.


Perceptions & Reality

As everyone knows, I enjoy a glass of wine or two and we all know how too much alcohol can change your perception of the world, however perception is part of our everyday life and we all have different perceptions of the same things (alcohol included in the equation or not).

Not growing up - growing sideways!

Hello to you all

I have to say I was just reading my last post about how time flies and ironically realised that was back in February - this year has just flown by like never before.

I must apologise for it being so long since I last posted, but for those of you that weren’t aware my father has been unwell and if you thought he was “Grumpy” before he was unwell imagine him lying in bed all day with nothing to do but moan!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

As I sit here in the second week of February, I wonder where the year has gone already – time is flying by faster and faster and before we know it, it will be coming to the end of the year again.

I have been meaning to sit and finish this post for the last four weeks, but every time I try something has cropped up, so my apologies for it being so long.


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