Fuerte Puzzles

Our Fortnightly Brainteaser

X-Word No 278

Here's a little blast from the past - one of our more difficlut crosswords. See how you get on - if you need any answers or assistance then please drop me a line x


X-Word No 115

Fuerte X-Word No 115, a nice little teaser for the weekend, this will get your brain started after a night out. Grab a Bloody Mary to help with the hangover and get thinking! 


1Ok, a bit of a change this week as Pokemon seem to have taken over the site (and the world)

This ones for you Peter to say thanks for sending in those jokes

I hope that you and your counter parts can "Find them all!"

Fuerte-doku No.3

1Ok, these seem to be getting a little easy from your feedback

You have asked for something a little more taxing!

So this week, I have found an extremely difficult puzzle for you. Good luck 

X-Word No 130

Back to the old crossword this week, this shouldn't be too much of a challenge, grab a coffee, take five mins and give Fuerte X-Word No 130 a go!


Are you smarter than a 10yr Old??

396714 intelligentThanks for all your answers from last week Sudoku

We are going to try something new again this week: "Are you smarter than a 10yr old?!

These are real questions from recent SAT's aimed at 10/11 year old children (scary) see how you go and a special mention to the fastest correct answer sent in.  

Fuerte-doku No.2

1Thanks for all your answers from last week Sudoku

It seems that is was far too easy as many of you sent in times of less than 5 mins!

So this week, I have gone for something more tricky - fastest time sent in will win a jug of Sangria to share with Penny one evening! 

Fuerte-doku No.1

1Ok, something new this week.

Last weeks Crosswords was completed with a range of times - Congrats to "Sunbath Barbie" for the fastest time.

Lets try a Sudoku. Let me know your time - Special mention to the fastest next week!

X-Word No 225

Was last weeks Fuerte X-Word good for you?

 We had a completed entry sent in that (apprantly) only took 35 mins to finish!!!! See how you get on this week with this little teaser. 

X-Word No 224

Our Fuerte X-Word No 224, pour a glass of wine (keep the bottle close) and work your way through it.

 Please feel free to request answers or assistance.

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