Fuerte Puzzles

Here's a little blast from the past - one of our more difficlut crosswords. See how you get on - if you need any answers or assistance then please drop me a line x


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Grid C26162


9 Contents of menu put away without a serious effort (9)

10 22 down writer’s pseudonymous first and real last name (5)

11 Ringleader facilitates unexpected visits by police (5)

12 Try nurse? 9 initially embraced, cheered up (9)

13 Fatigue in the USA, possibly sign of times? (7)

14 Maintains page in novel should (7)

17 Something don may have done that contains one bug (5)

19 See final bits of The Remorseful Day (3)

20 Form of communication that’s a little bit incomplete (5)

21 Try, as arranged, one caught being excessively lustful (7)

22 Like something requested relating to Freemasons, say (2,5)

24 Fare to be cooked over first part of Sunday? (5,4)

26 Like page spotted in old book, was baffling (5)

28 Exciting series of events – a little drink leads to answer (5)

29 Teams operating planes without second propellers (9)



1 Exist as greatest fan of 20? That’s food for thought for him (4)

2 Extremely old-fashioned police officer, quiet and somewhat eccentric? (6)

3 After service, set up ruddy odd and horrendous crim (4,6)

4 Broadcast particular role – why is that significant? (2,4)

5 What’s unusually true, say, about reading delightful collection (8)

6 Storyline showing reason for policeman’s unhappiness under pressure (4)

7 Criminal who does all he can to make a living (8)

8 Part of religious education that’s not new (4)

13 Small section of church upset theatrical dame (5)

15 Government department’s honour accepted by male, not reserved? (4,6)

16 Weapon and drug stored in box (5)

18 Playwright’s wife isn’t lacking technique, though dated (8)

19 Ruminate, getting stuck into ales, perhaps – avoidance behaviour? (8)

22 Not totally orthodox for detective that embraces lost causes (6)

23 Stop vote being held that’s historically right (6)

24 Annoyed, getting answer to crossword clue, finally (4)

25 What changed as one result of global warming (4)

27 Verve shown in part of 20 (4)

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