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LOW-COST travel could soon be a thing of the past!!

 You should get online and book fast as prices are only going in one direction!!






It’s been a dire few weeks for the European aviation industry.

First, Ryanair cancelled over 20,000 flights which displaced 700,000 passengers.

And last week Monarch Airlines suddenly went into administration leaving 1,600 people unemployed, 110,000 stranded abroad and hundreds of thousands of angry passengers with no way of refunding their tickets.

Two other European airlines – AirBerlin and Alitalia – have both also gone into administration in recent weeks.

What does this mean for the future of low-cost travel?

We may be about to see flight prices skyrocket as the remaining budget airlines take monopoly of the skies.

Newcomer Norwegian continues to grow, but remains focussed on long-haul. This leaves Ryanair and Easyjet as two of the main British carriers left, and will see their profits strengthen now Monarch has left the ring.

While there are still other airlines in direct competition with these low-cost giants – it might only be a matter of time before prices rise.

A hint of what could come came after Monarch’s collapse as last-minute flight prices jumped by a quarter for October.

Data from travel website Skyscanner showed that the average European flight prices rose by 23% as customers tried to find alternative flights.

Growth manager at Skyscanner, Hayley Shearer said that the company has seen a “spike in traffic”.

However, she added that most prices return to normal after the month of October.


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