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Think twice when leaving your passport in your car


 Car break-ins are the third biggest cause of UK passport theft in the Canary Islands and 91% of victims are tourists. In a bid to drive down passport  thefts, the British Consulates in Las Palmas & Tenerife have partnered with CICAR, one of the biggest car hire firms in the Canary Islands, to reduce  theft from vehicles.


Legends of The House of the Colonels - 10th Anniversary

house of the cornells

  If you take a ferry over to Isla de Lobos, you can visit the beautiful Rustic Village of La Oliva, at one point many years ago this was the capitol of the Island  and has some serious history steeped within its beauty. A highlight of the area is the Colonel’s house and Legend has it that there is hidden treasure under  the estate.


Walking on the island

walking on island

  One of the least developed of the Canaries, Fuerteventura has largely escaped the indiscriminate coastal development of the other  islands of the  archipelago. With year round sunshine and an average temperature of 20°C, its equable dry climate, coastal walking, and  endless remote beaches make it  the perfect destination for activity holidays.


A Response to the Oasis village supposed attack


  I would like to write in defence of the problems at the hotel resort in Fuerteventura. This whole “outrage” that is felt by some people by  this lady’s behaviour is just – well – outrageous!! I don’t think that the woman in question should face punishment or the shame that    she may well now be feeling...



The Fuertenews Market Place

Marketplace Jpeg

 After suggestions from a few of our regular readers, we will shortly be launching the Brand new Fuertenews Market Place - an exciting area of the site with free advertising for everyone.


Rules for cyclists

the excuse machine

A foot patrol of local police has enforced ordinances in La Oliva

The agents placed particular emphasis on traffic rules related to cycling. A special reinforcement of the local police monitored the occupation of public roads.

Insulin Storage for Cabin Baggage and Beach Days

Insulin THermos OUtside

As insulin dependent diabetics know, medications such as this has to be stored at certain temperatures to remain effective. This can prove difficult for both plane journeys and when traveling abroad in climates such as ours. One of our readers has invented an effective solution.

John Pritchard came up with these 2 solutions for insulin storage and transportation after travelling himself over to the Canaries. He told us:

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