Local Events and Fiestas

Monday 30th May the island celebrated Canary day. In the north of the island Campanario and La Palmeras held events including typical Canarian food and drinks.

Campanario held a free Barbeque with meat, Canary potatoes and a typical Canarian stew. Folk joined in the spirit of the celebrations, some queuing for over an hour for the piece of meat on offer!

There were plenty of handycrafts on display, and for sale. Local cheeses and wines, from Lanzarote, were also available.

The atmosphere was helped by the musicians that played, and thank you to the woman that entertained us with her dancing. The whole square was packed with people celebrating and there were Canarian costumes on display throughout the centre.

There were rides and an area for the children too.

At Las Palmeras the celebrations started in the afternoon.

There was plenty of local produce to try, local wines, cheese and potatoes all served by people in Canarian costume.


Musical entertainers played throughout the centre. There was an area for the children to play and places to rest and have a coffee, or some wine, for the adults.