Local Events and Fiestas

At the stroke of almost exactly, nearly about 5:30pm, ish, the parade started to make itself ready.

It was starting from Las Palmeras, not the Baku or Waikiki beach, but on the high street just below the road works and for Fuerteventura was exactly on time!



There was lots of noise and colour to entertain the watching crowds, the drums of the marching bands pounding and a young girl on one of the floats singing. And of course the camels, who were waiting for the three Kings to appear.




Then the off. With the bands playing and the Kings throwing out sweets they processed down the high street to the joy of the crowds. Young children were seen to run to the Kings to hand in their present list early but some parents made them wait so that they could give the list to the King at the correct time.


It took about 90 minutes to parade to the square where the Kings were seated on their thrones and the children were allowed to go up one by one to give their list of presents in. On the stage behind the Kings some of the characters from the parade sang and danced for the entertainment of the waiting crowd.

Not forgetting the man who follows every parade in town!
(It's not over until "vac man" has been)

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