Local Events and Fiestas

Dia CanariasA question many visitors ask around this time is what the Day actually marks. Some will take to books and internet to see what historic occasion, such as a battle or major discovery, was chosen as the date symbolising the Canaries. They will be disappointed, however, as the real reason is much simpler, not to say much more recent.





The date - 30 May - is the day on which, back in 1983, the first ever sitting of the new regional Parliament took place, less than a year after the islands were granted extensive self-rule powers under the Spanish Constitution. One of the first decisions of the newly-created regional assembly was to designate the day as the official holiday for the islands to focus the public's mind on their regional identity and what makes the Canaries different to the rest of the country.

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There was lots of music, food and displays of all things local to the Canaries on this special day when they celebrate their difference to the rest of Spain

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