Local Events and Fiestas

All the towns and villages have a saint or so it seems a week of festivities culminating normally in the religious procession end up in the Chapel ….
So with this in mind and the publicity duly noted I headed for Lajares in the north of our adopted rock.
The posters said 1pm but it was no surprise to me when nothing appeared to be happening at that hour. Sure I did my usual promenade around the village, looking for clues but like the recent mini marathon discovered by half chance or the car rally not discovered at all; this particular event was proving elusive.

And the sun was beating down. Big time.
The first clue was the sound of rockets going off, but at distance…they usually herald the start of …well…something but still no music …or procession…nada.
So about an hour after I expected to have some pictures in the can, I set off on wheels to give the village one more tour …and it was then I found them…hiding away bless em.
At least I should know where it will be held next year…I will, wont I?

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