Local Events and Fiestas

It’s my third visit to what is an annual event on the island - although I cant help thinking that, at least some members of local government are trying to diminish its importance in the social calendar.

However on it went with a cosmopolitan line up of six acts ranging from Rumania to Canarias and Malaga.

 The last mentioned from Malaga were also the best known – Chambao whom have had success with a couple of ventures…you will recognise the tunes if and when you hear them.

 But with Chambao…there is a tale …for once I managed to get accreditation…access all areas …from a group calling themselves 08001 whom were performing on the Friday., in exchange for photos…but of course.

 Security decreed that we snappers were only allowed to work for three songs??  

 So be it.

 But on the Saturday, I was there early sitting on La Concha beach as the bands were rehearsing …and with 600mm telephoto I could have stayed in Corralejo and taken pictures. But that finger waving security was on my case…and again the instruction …only three songs, this time the tecnico got the blame.

 But it became stranger.

 Chamboa decided that we (photographers) were only allowed click our shutters during songs five and six during their set….even the security guys didn’t understand that instruction, as I told them in my gringo Spanish…my camera is deaf.


Enjoy the photos.   

Fuel Fandango

jazz homos

Innes Ross

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