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For people who are dedicated sci-fi fans it’s a very exciting time to be living on Fuerteventura. We’re living on, even if not exactly in, a sci-fi film set! A year or two ago it was Doctor Who that was filming here. This year it’s the Star Wars franchise...





We enthusiasts know quite a bit about the overall plot line and cast list but as to exactly who we should be looking out for behind the tinted windows of passing unmarked vans, well that’s another matter. It’s a well-kept secret.

But thanks to our own Canarian TV (see the orignal video clip at the bottom of this post) we do at least have some idea of where they’re filming. So when the new film comes to the world’s screens later this year we can be confident that Fuerteventura will be masquerading as a desert planet somewhere in the Star Wars galaxy. But it won’t be until the credits roll that the island’s name will pass quickly before filmgoers eyes, if they are still in the cinema, and even then the exact nature of our contribution will remain a well-kept secret. All that excitement for no obvious return. It was Jesus who once said that people who did good things in secret pleased God more than those who stood up in the marketplace and tried to make sure that others saw the good that they were doing. Perhaps that can be our consolation for becoming an unsung film setting in a galaxy far away.

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Revd Judie

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