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My love of Abba, and memories of dancing happily round a pile of handbags, is a testament both to my advancing years and to the band’s infectious combination of melodies and lyrics.





The DVD of “Mamma Mia” is one of the few that I kept when we moved here because it’s without doubt a feel-good movie – a real tonic if life is getting on top of you. Perhaps surprisingly, though, it was their lyrics from another song that came to mind in the aftermath of the recent UK General Election – “The winner takes it all, the loser takes a fall” – surprising because there didn’t seem to be any clear winners or losers amongst the major political parties.

So, given that the pound has fallen yet again, do those of us whose futures are particularly dependent on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations have new cause for concern? Or do we continue to take our cue from the culture in which we live, where the watchword is “mañana” (“tomorrow”), usually accompanied by the appropriate gesture of resignation, and the language that inspired the composers of the song made famous by Doris Day in 1956, “Que sera, sera” (“Whatever will be, will be”), and the words of Jesus, as he addressed the thousands who gathered to hear him: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Wherever we take our cue, it’s good advice as we face the future.

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Revd Judie

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