Spiritual Life

Spirited notes from a desert island: 1st September

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We have our island back! Hundreds of caravans, motorhomes and cars have boarded ferries in Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario and Morro Jable for their return journey to the other islands. Their summer holiday is over for another year and, with their departure, traffic on our roads has returned to normal. You can even find a place to park in Corralejo!

And I can now say, with a degree of pride, that I’ve survived my first August on Fuerteventura.




Spirited notes from a desert island: 25th August

received 10155988306769167


"What on earth was that?" My colleague and I were sat in her office on the top floor of a Victorian hospital building - part of Manchester's St Mary's Hospital for Women and Children. We rushed to the window, convinced that some kind of heavy lorry had just rumbled past, but there was no sign of anything unusual!

The mystery was solved when I discovered later that we had felt the tremors of what was my first earthquake, albeit a minor one.




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