Mum of Three who once again can't let it be.....

Stressed Mummy


I have found it, it does exist!!! I was cleaning my 2 year old twins bedroom yesterday and I came over THEIR DIARY!! I was sure that they were keeping one, but I have never been able to find where they hide it. 

 So with pleasure - here is what the pair of little rascals really think....

Mum of Three with a Moan About "Non Breeders"

Stressed Mummy

It really annoys me when Non Breeders Say That We Have Fallen Into what they Call the "Baby Hole." and they say "Why Can't You Get a Damn Babysitter Anymore?"
Do you know how much a babysitter costs??????

Plus, you have to add that on to the expense of going out!!!!!

Plus, do you know how hard it is to find a decent babysitter? One that you can really trust??

Why would we go through all of that, just so that we can go "clubbing" with you!!!

Mum of Three who has just had enough today....

Stressed Mummy

So as I have said before, I am a breeder and with three children in one house and chaos generally ensues and sometimes I feel tht other peoples (non breaders) reactions are just so unjustified

 The problem is, the good parents often get getting lumped in with the bad, and in the witch hunt of the childless, all breeders are being unfairly burned upon the same stake. We don't all take to Facebook to discuss our children's bowel movements (or worse and the "jaw-dropping" self-indulgence of a few is becoming representative of the many.

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