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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

A minute of silence for the UK

Several local and regional councils in the Canaries showed their rejection of terrorist attacks by holding a minute of silence at the same time accross the Islands

 SCS totals 34,585 patients waiting for the operating room

34,585 canaries wait to enter operating room in the Canary Islands, 18,230 in public hospitals in Tenerife and 12,681 in Gran Canaria

Fuerteventura Young 2017 organises 35 workshops and courses

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura has 35 training, sports and leisure activities until July of this year, in coordination with the six municipalities of the island and responding to training demands raised by the youth group.

Euro figures - recent change in value

The devaluation of the pound against the euro caused a decrease of almost 5% of the British spending on their vacations in the Canary Islands in 2016.

Binter extends its offer of flights between the Canary Islands and Madeira

Binter will expand its offer of scheduled flights between the Canary Islands and Madeira starting next Sunday, March 26.

The Most Amazing Hail and Thunder

There was no need to climb to the summits of Gran Canaria to see last Sundays hail. The small balls of ice fell in much of the Grancanaria geography and also in Fuerteventura

Update on stars wars movie.

Filming for the untitled Han Solo film is underway, and now we have reports that the production team is heading to Fuerteventura in Spain to film scenes for the planet Corellia….

Tenerife for a tenner.

Local airline Canary fly has announced the opening of a new route from Tenerife North to Fuerteventura. 12 connections per week. The flight will take 50 mins and as an opening promotion will cost just 10 euros. This will bring additional business and revenue to the island.

70 rescued from Mount Teide cable cars after a breakdown

70 people of various nationalities including three children were trapped in the cable car cabins at Mount Teide following a complete system breakdown on Wednesday afternoon. The cable car was stuck half way up the peak, the system would not restart, so all emergency services were called in.

Fishy business....

The National Federation of Fishermen's Associations (FNCP) has met with the Minister Isabel García Tejerina to analyze the quotas in the Northwest Bay of Biscay, bluefin tuna, swordfish and issues related to fishing regulation in the Canary Islands, among other matters.

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