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Prostitution disappears from the streets of Fuerteventura

A study by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, whose conclusions have been ratified by the local police, confirms the disappearance year of street prostitution on the island, an activity that was habitual in 2007.

A psychologist, social worker and an administrative assistant developed the project “Prevention and Health for Prostitution in Fuerteventura”, promoted by the Council of Social Subjects.  One of the main actions of the work program was a guide to public health resources in the Canary Islands that was distributed in appropriate premises. Many of the prostitutes travel around the islands to practice their trade.  

On the Island of Fuerteventura 19 premises and clubs exist  where at least 130 women practice prostitution. Four at the moment are closed.

Six of them are located in La Oliva, five in Pájara, four in Puerto del Rosario one in each of the Tuineje and Antigua municipalities.