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New Year cancelled in Corralejo

The economic crisis hit New Years celebrations in the north of Fuerteventura. Traditionally New Year has been a big reason to celebrate in Corralejo. Bands would play in the main square whilst free grapes and cava were handed out in excited preparation for the witching hour. The countdown with many a stuffed cheek complaining about the grape seeds, was followed by a leisurely amble down to the beach to watch and marvel at the fireworks. This year however, the story was very different. The bands in the square were cancelled and replaced by a DJ who finally managed to wish Happy New Year six minutes late. No grapes, no cava, no fireworks.  In their, perhaps short sighted, wisdom, the ayuntamiento cancelled New Year. Lets hope that the tourists who were here this year were not so disappointed that we have even less tourist, and therefore less funds, next year.