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An 11 year old boy hit his mother with a saw during an argument, lacerating her skull, and then when she threatened to call police, offered her $5 not to. The mother said the kid had previously threateneed to cut his 19 year old pregnant sisters abdomen, to give her a C-section, and once tried to use hair spray and a cigaretter lighter to torch the family cat.

Scotlands Justice secretary cancelled a program after he learned that officials at Saughton prison had set up poker classes, sanctioning games run on paper earning (but which inmates converted intto real trades and favours.) One astonished official said, "Next thing, roulette wheels, then a lap dancing club, because after this nothing would surprise us."

April Westfall, was arrested in Reno when an ambulance crew called the police after spotting driving down the road with a service station's nozzle and severed hose protruding from her petrol tank.

Jeremy Aron was arrested when an off duty officer spotted him driving down the road with a fire hydrant stuck to his bumper.

Since Manolo Blahnik's have become popular, young women are opting for surgery so their toe cascades (the curve from the big toe aroud to the little toe) are correct, also on the ankles to make them shapely enough, with some women opting for liposuction on the lower calf.

An armed robbery suspect died during his getaway, in California, when he fell and impaled himself on his weapon, a screwdriver, severing an artery in his thigh.

The lingerie shop in Japan announced its already sold more the 300 of its new bras for men. They stated they had been getting feedback from customers saying "Wow, we'd been waiting for this for such a long time"