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A squatter tries to assault a bank worker and steal with just a knife

An Italian man, between 40 and 45 years old, was arrested yesterday by the National Police, with the collaboration of the Local Police of Puerto del Rosario, after his alleged attempt to assault a bank worker with a knife in the capital.

This event occurred at 9.00 am in the branch of Banco Santander, in Calle León and Castillo de Puerto del Rosario. An individual came in hooded, with a knife, cornered the clients and workers who were in the bank, while demanding all the money they had at that time. In that situation, the employees entertained him by saying that they were collecting and counting the money, while alerting the authorities to what was happening.

The robber threatened a client with the weapon and snatched the persons backpack, his wallet and his mobile phone.

At the sound of the alarm, the thief ran out of the bank branch, fleeing on La Juventud street. Some neighbors alerted 091 that they had seen him enter a building that is now where several squatters live, including the suspect in the assault. Agents of the police station of the Puerto del Rosario National Police went in search of him and arrested him in the same place.

Although everything ended the arrest of the robber, the concern was not lost by neighbors and workers in the main street Leon and Castillo, as it is the third robbery for a month in this same street. In the two previous occasions, there were assaults perpetrated in a pharmacy and a bazaar of next 24 hours and in the same street. In the first, it was with a knife and in the other, with a pistol. Police sources confirmed that the arrested yesterday by that attempt of assault of the branch is not the same person that in the other two.

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