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Storms may arrive.

In the meteorological forums they had been warning for several days about the atmospheric disturbance, but it was not until last Tuesday when the Aemet realised that the storm that approaches the Canaries by the north will mean that the temperatures will drop, it will be windy, it will rain and even possible to snow.

The rain is expected to arrive in the Canaries this Friday and will spray the entire archipelago, as rainfall, almost for the first time this winter, will fall throughout the weekend, threatening to wet the carnival events held outdoors . In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the carnival starts precisely this Friday in the square of Santa Ana with the proclamation in charge of the female singer Rosana.

Facing Saturday and Sunday the situation is expected to worsen, with the approach of the deep storm that could leave a significant accumulation of precipitation, northwest wind and poor sea conditions on north and northwest facing coasts with waves Of more than five meters.

However, both from the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet) in the Canary Islands and from the weather forums, attention is drawn to these types of situations which, although they do not appear to be the case, can change in a few hours. The most accurate forecast will not be taken nearly 24 hours before they warn.

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