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Birth at the Zoo.

Oasis Park Fuerteventura has extended its family of giraffes, the largest in Europe, with the birth of two new offspring of this species, which is currently at high risk of extinction.

As reported by the zoo majorero in a press release, the increase of population with these two new specimens is considered a success of reproduction and both specimens are in perfect condition and are having a positive evolution.

The first of the offspring is a male whose mother, Saka, is a 15-year-old giraffe who came to the park in 2004, while the second, a female, has suffered a rejection from her biological mother, Yaiza, something quite common in Case of the first mothers.

In this sense, at first this breeding was adopted by the other mother, Saka, although probably it will have to be fed by means of bottle.

The animals were born after the usual gestation period of the giraffes of 457 days and both weigh already between 50 and 80 kilos. The birth in both cases lasted about 45 minutes and have been natural, and have been present veterinarians and caregivers of this species. The first baby was born 30 minutes after birth, being one of the fastest in the family of 17 giraffes. CHRISTMAS BAPTISM

On the other hand, visitors and followers of the park can propose to the team of veterinarians of Oasis Park, through social networks, names for these newborns. The pups currently measure 1.80 meters.

It is estimated that giraffe pups will grow 0.3 centimeters a day during their first year, and by the time they turn two, they will already reach the height of their progenitors, about three meters.

Finally, the director of Conservation of Oasis Park Fuerteventura, Soraya Cabrera, explained that "the giraffes have experienced a drastic decrease in the number of specimens, in what is known as a silent extinction, so this double birth is a success in Reproduction material and great news for us.In this line of species conservation, we work on different programs within the park. "

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