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Weather warning. Sunday 12th February.

The General Directorate of Security and Emergencies of the Canary Islands Government has extended the alert for rains and strong winds.

These alerts correspond to the yellow warning for rain, wind and coastal phenomena of the State Meteorological Agency for Saturday, which will become orange from Sunday by strong winds and coastal phenomena.

Because of the strong winds, it is recommended to the population to close doors and windows, to remove from balconies and roofs pots and objects that can fall to the street, to avoid excursions or camping and to postpone unnecessary trips by road or in any case extreme caution.

It is also advisable to avoid gardens, wooded areas or coast, away from walls, old houses, scaffolding, light signs, billboards and structures that can be torn down by the wind.

As for the rains, it is recommended to check the state of the roofs, roofs and water drums, as well as drains and downpipes.

Vehicles should not be parked in the gully of the ravines and displacements must be avoided, particularly by areas that can be flooded.

In case of storms, from the General Direction of Security and Emergencies advises to unplug the electrical appliances.

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