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The alleged murderer of an Argentine journalist in Fuerteventura claims that "it was an accident" during an erotic game

The alleged murderer of an Argentine journalist in Fuerteventura, who responds to the initials of FDC, has assured before the judge of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 6 of Puerto del Rosario, Ana Moreno, that the death of the young woman "was a Accident "during an erotic game.

This was stated by FDC, a native of Valladolid, and a military officer assigned to the Infantry Regiment Soria 9, in Puerto del Rosario, after appearing before the judge, prosecutor and prosecution in the presence of his lawyer.

"It was an accident, the game consisted of her winding up the showerhead hose in her neck and having sex like this while running the water," he said in his statement according to the newspaper La Provincia and collects Europa Press.

The young Argentine journalist LMO appeared dead at the end of October 2016 at her home, where the firefighters located her body inside the bathtub, with the shower cord on her neck and without external signs of violence.

As for the arrest of his alleged murderer occurred two months after the events, as the investigators found no violence in the home or in the body of the woman. In addition, they also did not find traces, although they perceived that the mobiles, the Ipad, the sheets, the keys of the house had disappeared or that the cables of the router of the computer were cut. Faced with this situation, the agents were able to decipher the calls and messages of the journalist's mobiles, which allowed them to determine that the last person who was with her was FDC This motivated that the National Police had controlled, for a time, the military, Obtaining new tracks and stopping it later. FDC is currently in the Tahiche prison in Lanzarote, accused of a homicide offense after being arrested on 10 January. In addition, since then he has had three lawyers, his defense currently taking counsel from Madrid Julián Martín Muñoz.

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