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Employment Training for the Unemployed - Cabildo involved Projects SCE

Sixty unemployed people in Fuerteventura participate in three Training and Employment Projects (PFAE) to obtain a work experience in masonry work, painting in front and services of bars and restaurants during the next 12 months.

Antonio Ojeda Domínguez, president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Marcía Morales, as well as the Minister of Employment, Rafael Páez, the mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Nicolás Gutiérrez , The first Deputy Mayor of Tuineje, Rita Díaz, and advisers and advisers of the governing group of the island corporation, received today, Friday, February 17, these 60 unemployed (45 working students and 15 trainers) In an act that was held in the Plenary Hall.

Ojeda Domínguez stated that "training is the fastest highway to reach a decent and stable job". He emphasized "the effort that has always been made by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura with the SCE in coordination work" and said that three PFAEs are being held at the moment, organized by the Cabildo, four in Puerto del Rosario and one in Antigua.

The president of the island corporation, Marcial Morales, said that "behind these actions has been the clear will of municipalities and Cabildo in the commitment to something important for everyone to have a job." "They are programs that are part of the strategy of training and employment. It is about offering programs of training needs that are on the island" and stressed the contribution they will make in the work carried out within the Plan of Fuerteventura Insular Fuerteventura ... we love you pretty !!!

The Employment Minister, Rafael Páez, said that in these 12 months "will do many actions in areas of public ownership of the Cabildo, city councils and associations." He added that this initiative receives a contribution of 750,000 euros 95% financed by the SCE

The three PFAE ( Building Future, Making future and Pintándote bonita ) are also a commitment to the unemployed population that has the most difficulty in accessing the labor market.

Construyendo futuro aims to train 15 unemployed people, over 30 years old so that they can place various constructive elements of natural stone, such as masonry, ashlar and perpiaño, for the formation of walls and enclosures, coatings through the system of ventilated facades, as well Like singular elements of natural stone.

Making future has the purpose of empowering 15 young people, under 30 years of age, unemployed, registered as plaintiffs, so that they are able to develop their own bar-cafeteria service, applying the appropriate techniques with autonomy, serving the client, using , If necessary, the English or German language.

Fine painting will form 15 unemployed, under 30 years old so they can clean and regularize coatings, apply primers and protective paints, finish industrial paint, run continuous resin pavements and organize painting works under construction.

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