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Private Holiday Rentals Judgement Faces Government Appeal

Maria Teresa Lorenzo, Regional Minister of Tourism, reports that the Government could appeal against the judgement recently given by the Supreme Court

The Judgement removes four precepts that had previously regulated private holiday rental properties to give greater flexibility to rent these to tourists, by incorporating the required standards for holiday accommodation in tourist areas.

The Regional Minister responded to concerns of established hotels and commercial holiday apartment organisations that greater flexibility for renting holiday properties could affect the number of their hotel guests. Hotel organisation representatives met with Lorenzo to demand the same rules should apply to all holiday properties, and that they felt greater flexibility to rent private properties could affect their businesses, and that they felt that this was not desirable. It appears that the growth of popular Internet sites, such as Airbnb and others, has led to demand for more private holiday rental properties, and local residents could benefit financially from the Supreme Court judgement, but many hotel organisations are owned by global companies that take all the profits with few benefits for local communities.

The Regional Minister also visited the site of a new infrastructure development that should begin tendering and construction later this year at the Mirador de los Canarios La Plaza de los Pescadores de Morro Jable, and Giniginamar that have a current budget of nearly two million euros.

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